Yes Bank Car Loan Deal: Get A Loan of Rs. 5 crore

Yes Bank offers car loans to customers who would like to purchase a new or used vehicle. It’s a convenient way to finance your car loan with their online system!

Yes Bank Car Loan Highlights

Interest Rate9.25%
Loan amount (LTV)Up to 100% funding
Loan TenureUp to 7 years
Processing FeesUp to 1%
Yes Bank Car Loan

Yes Bank Car Loan

Yes Bank is a leading financial institution in India and offers car loans in many different conditions. You can find a loan that meets your needs and budget. YES BANK offers car loans at an interest rate starting from 9.25% p.a. You can take an amount from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 crore to buy a new or used car. The bank offers a repayment tenure ranging from 1 year to 7 years and charges a processing fee of up to 1% of the loan amount. Yes Bank has a great reputation for providing quality services. You can be sure that you’re getting the best car loan available.

Yes Bank Car Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate on a Yes Bank car loan is typically lower than the interest rates on other car loans. The interest rate depends on your credit score and other factors, but it typically ranges from 9.25% p.a. to12.40% p.a. This means that you will save a lot of money by using a Yes Bank car loan. This is a great option if you need a loan to purchase your first car or if you need to buy a used car.

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Yes Bank Car Loan EMI Calculator

Yes Bank Car Loan EMI calculator is a great tool for calculating your EMIs for a car loan. Simply enter your monthly payment and annual percentage rate, and the calculator will provide you with an estimated EMI amount. This information can help you stay on track with your car loan payments, and ensure that you’re not overpaying for your vehicle.

Yes Bank Car Loan Features & Benefits

Yes Bank offers car loans to its customers with a range of features and benefits. The loans come with low-interest rates and flexible repayments, so you can get the best possible deal on your car. Here are some of the features and benefits of Yes Bank car loans:

  • Fast approval: Yes Bank car loans are approved quickly, so you can get started with your new vehicle as soon as possible.
  • Low-interest rates: The interest rate on Yes Bank car loans is lower than that of many other lenders, so you can save money on your repayments.
  • Loan Amount: The minimum loan amount is Rs 1 Lakh & maximum loan amount is Rs 5 crore
  • Flexible repayment options: The bank offers flexible tenure ranging from 1 year to 7 years, which you can choose as per your convenience.
  • Guarantor Requirement: Does not require any Guarantor.
  • No credit check required: Most Yes Bank car loans do not require a credit check, making them an ideal choice for those with poor credit history
  • Flexible terms: You can choose from a variety of terms, ranging from short-term to long-term loans. 

Yes Bank Car Loan Eligibility

If you’re interested in obtaining a car loan from Yes Bank, be sure to check the bank’s eligibility criteria:

  • Age:  Between 21 years to 58 years.
  • Employment status: Salaried employees, self-employed individuals.

Yes Bank Car Loan Documents Required

If you are considering a car loan from Yes Bank, then you will need to provide some documentation in order to be approved. You will need to provide the following documents:

  • Recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Proof of Identification: such as a driver’s license, Adhaar card, PAN, passport, or government-issued ID card.
  • Proof of residency: such as your voter id card, Rent agreement, valid passport, utility bill.
  • Proof of income: Salary slips, IT return, Form 16, bank statements.

How To Apply for Yes Bank Car Loan

If you are one of the many people who are looking for an easy way to get a car loan, then you should definitely check out Yes Bank. They have some of the most competitive car loans available, and they also offer online applications. Here is how to apply online:

  • Step 1: Go to the Yes Bank website and click on the “Car Loans” tab.
  • Step 2: On the Car Loans page, you will be able to see all of the different car loans that Yes Bank has available. You can filter the loans by interest rate, term, and company.n
  • Step 3: Once you have selected the loan that you want to apply for, click on the “Apply Online” button.n
  • Step 4: On the application form, you will need to provide your personal information (including your social security number). You will also need to provide your estimated monthly income and credit score. Finally, you will need to provide copies of your identification documents (such as your driver’s license).n
  • Step 5: After you have completed the application form, click on the “Submit” button and wait for a response from Yes Bank.

Yes Bank Car Loan Customer care Number

The customer care number for Yes Bank is +91 22 6121 9000. This number is available 24/7 to help you with your car loan needs. You can also contact this number if you have any questions about your car loan or your account.


Yes Bank is the perfect bank for car loans. They offer a variety of loan options, including fixed and variable rate loans. You can also choose to have your loan terms arranged in months or years, which means you have plenty of flexibility when it comes to loan repayment. Plus, Yes Bank offers great customer service and always puts the client first. Visit Yes Bank today to get started on your car loan!

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Q. What is Yes Bank Car Loan?

Ans. Yes Bank Car Loan is a car loan offered by Yes Bank Limited. The loan has an interest rate of 9.25% p.a. and a tenure of 84 months. The loan can be used to purchase any type of vehicle.

Q. How much can I borrow with Yes bank car loan?

Ans. The maximum amount that you can borrow from a bank is Rs 5 crore.

Q. How long does it take to receive a Yes bank car loan?

Ans. When you apply for a Yes Bank car loan, you will need to provide certain eligibility documents. These include your driver’s license and vehicle registration. It typically takes about two business days to process your application and approve your loan. You will receive a confirmation email from Yes Bank once this process has been completed.

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